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Plus, the pricing for Australia is way above and beyond what it should actually be even when compared to places like Japan. It's cheaper to buy Games Workshop miniatures in Japan than it is in Australia.

Short answer is - They don't, they're just following a trend set by most retailers in Australia. Long answer - Back in the 90s, our dollar was worth about half of the US dollar. So imported stuff was expensive. And we import just about everything. When the Oz dollar started creeping up, before internet shopping was really a widespread thing down here, importers kept their calculations for local prices the same So imported stuff stayed expensive, even though it was costing those importers less.

This isn't exclusive to GW. Most importers do the same thing, although since internet shopping started to become more popular and more and more people staretd discovering how much cheaper they could buy stuff directly from overseas, some companies have made an effort to close the gap.

GW has made some moves to do the same, but they've done it by freezing our prices and raising everyone else's to a similar level, rather than by lowering them here. And books are still twice as expensive as overseas, which I believe is partly due to the cost of shipping because they're heavy, and come from China via the UK and partly due to some stupid tarifs that are applied to books in Oz.

Some people also try to point to our higher minimum wage as a reason for higher prices. We get a higher wage, so we're all better off, and can afford higher prices. What this argument overlooks is that our high cost of living means that people on minimum wage are unlikely to have money for what GW are peddling a full-time minimum wage job won't even cover house rent in a large chunk of the country and our average income is actually about on par with the US So, in a nutshell - GW 's pricing isn't because they hate us.

It's because they stuck with an outdated rate of exchange, Pokies Games Workshop Us everyone else was doing it. As for our exclusion from the recent contest Space Marines in Maelstrom's Edge!

As I recall, Australia also has some pretty hefty import taxes in addition to the factor Claire Sweeney Youtube Pokies Discussion Group Insaniak pointed out. Essentially, its not completely GW 's fault or doing. It is within their power to change, but they won't do it. Dues Ex Felines Cato Sicarius, after force feeding Captain Ventris a copy of the Codex Astartes for having the audacity to play Deathwatch, chokes to death on his own D-baggery after finding Calgar assembling his new Eldar army.

As I recall, Australia also has some pretty hefty import taxes in addition to the factor which Insaniak pointed out. Australia Pokies Games Workshop Us full of convicts and criminals and assorted riff raff Apologies, I Had to say it; we now return to the serious business of the topic. Maybe they've got everything I'm glad I found this thread. Otherwise I would've probably won and never noticed, since all my FW emails are filtered out to a separate folder I never check Sven Bloodhowl's Great Company - pts.

Elements of Dark Angels 2nd and 3rd Companies - pts. The Last Hatred Kabal - pts. Eldar Slaves - pts. Reading about this in the FW competition thread, it looks like Australia hates Australia.

GW's New Gem Stone & Metallic Paints

I'd heard about the problem with pokies spbut laws like this look a bit overkill. It's not worth a company's time to register with them all, or some-such, so Aus gets left out.

The other stuff with GWthat's out of order. And taxes, or so I hear. The clincher is, there's that much more of a disparity between the price of GW and other games. I guess if there are areas with GW stores only then it won't be an issue, although you can't imagine their sales are very good when you have GW products next to other ranges in an FLGS.

That international order ban thing from years ago was an absolute PITA. It was obviously intended to ring-fence the Aus and NZ market, but it basically black-balled all of asia at the same time. I did end up discovering Infinity as a result though basically looking for something to spend my money onso every cloud and all that! A Great Crusade Epic 6mm project: It's not worth a company's time to register with them all, or some-such, so Aus gets left out.

GW hates Pokies Games Workshop Us because you have wombats. Also, Tom Kirby lost his first wife to Paul Hogan ran away with him, not murdered by him or anythingso anything associated with Crocodile Dundee earns his eternal wrath. Do not mail him a copy of the CD trilogy. Rabid animal frothing at the mouth and all that. We eat our God. Due to work, I can usually only ship any sales or trades out on Saturday morning.

It is not that it's Games Workshops fault here, you see it is expensive to do retail trade in Australia, a few pointers. Insurance coverage is a factor. This is then set in Government legislated Award Wages. Now Pokies Bonus Vodafone Egypt some subjects that are mention.

These are Tariff Free due to having Free Trade agreements with other governments of trade blocs, also in most part we don't have local manufacturers that would be affected and so incur no tariffs.

I hope this explains some points. Chapter Master Achaylus Bonecrusher. Actually, it looks like I misready your point I thought you were talking about profit margins, rather than mark-ups compared to overseas prices So ignore what I just said.

The thing is, Pokies Games Workshop Us of whether they're over-charging by less than other businesses, we're in a situation currently where independant stores are ordering product at retail from overseas for less than they can get it at wholesale from GW here in Oz. That's the reason the embargo came about - too many people in other countries buying from cheap UK retailers that offered free shipping.

You can still get good deals, but usually only on bulk orders. Still, some things are cheaper here. Look at the plastic clampack characters the more recent ones. They're double the price that they were when they first came out, in the US that is, but they haven't gone Pokies Bonus $123 45635 on Oz.

The most recent Harlequin ones are cheaper here than in the US. GW hates you Australia because it finds Marsupials to be icky, the Platypus to be confusing, and it doesn't understand how you manage to keep from falling off the bottom of the earth. Probably because every living thing in Australia wants to kill you. Watch out for drop bears, look up, stay alive.

I really like that Australia can serve an example of faulty economic logic on the part of social justice warriors. This bear futher looking into. Raising minimum wage increases your income dollar-wise, while inflation maintains your same relative wealth. Something the more liberal parts of the US should remember. Something ominous was looming on the surface. He could see a great shadow looming just underneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, slowly spreading northward.

Soon orange jets of superheated plasma were visible from the space-windshield as Facemelter reentered the atmosphere at breakneck speed.

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There are many reasons things are more expensive. Like the UK electronic goods are more expensive that the US. As for the competition? It sounds like Australian law makes it far to complex. Why would they specifically exclude one country?

Sometimes, Exterminatus is the only option. And sometimes, it's just a case of too much scotch combined with too many buttons Also IIRC there are a number of other factors as well, including a massive economic boom due to mining over the past decade or so. Basically it's my understanding that the numerical price of stuff in Australia is broadly in line with what one would expect, it's just that the value of the Aussie dollar has skyrocketed recently.

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Hollismason Fixture of Dakka document.

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